At Gemelli we want to make a difference in this world with the tools we have in our hand.

We specialise in commercial strategy, project finance, business case development and impact assessment. We want to use these skills to both increase the impact of organisations and to provide great homes in Nepal.

We believe that secure, stable, safe and dry accommodation helps families prosper. And we also believe that empowered businesses can make more of a difference in the communities they operate in.

Your organisation can do more good, and people can have a better life in Nepal. Win-win.


We’ve got a small but passionate and talented team at Gemelli with a broad range of skill-sets. We are always on the look-out to grow our team, if you want to make a difference, click here

James Stewart

James is passionate about seeing businesses and organisations thrive, taking advantage of all the opportunities in front of them.

After a decade of infrastructure project finance work in the international development sector, James’ focus turned to assisting the government restore Christchurch’s infrastructure following the 2011 earthquake.

Having worked for both the public and private sectors in range of countries, James has a broad understanding of what constitutes ‘value’ to different clients.

James holds and has held a number of board roles across the Christchurch YMCA, Soul Capital, the Christchurch Adventure Park and Christchurch City Elim Church.

Annie Martin

Annie enjoys working with clients to provide comprehensive, meaningful and practical advice. She’s an expert project lead who has worked in both the public and private sectors, and has experience in public policy, corporate finance and project management. 

She has worked on a range of policy issues across the Health, Justice and Commercial Investment sectors while an analyst at the Treasury. More recently, Annie was a Project Specialist in the Planning and Funding team at the Canterbury District Health Board, where her responsibilities included, amongst other things, overseeing the Urgent Care and Acute Demand portfolios. Annie also has considerable private sector experience gained during her years as a Manager in the Corporate Finance team at Deloitte. While at Deloitte, Annie provided various advisory services to a range of clients including finance companies, large-scale tourism operators and well-known local retailers.

Michael Weis

Michael Weis is enthusiastic about fulfilling Gemelli's mission through assisting organisations with financial analysis, modelling and financial advice. He enjoys the aspect of working with socially-focussed companies to achieve their goals. He has a background in accounting and has achieved the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) designation and is a Level 2 Candidate for the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) designation. Through his career he has experience in investment and business advisory firms in multiple countries, his roles have covered analysis of both public and private equities in many industries: transportation, energy, real estate, retail and manufacturing to name a few.


Bridget Williams

Just over a year ago, Bridget hung up her High Court gown after practicing law for 3 years, put on a necklace and Bead and Proceed was born. Bead and Proceed exists to educate people about the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to inspire action towards them through creativity. Bridget’s commitment to the SDGs has led her to being endorsed by the Right Honourable Helen Clark and selected as a recipient of the Outstanding Young Persons Programme for 2019.Her love for creativity and the arts led Bridget to take up a position on the Christchurch Arts Festival Board. When it comes to community and her passion for Ōtautahi – Bridget is one of the youngest elected Christchurch City Council Community Board Members and a World Economic Forum Global Shaper. These positions have taught Bridget the power of young people to have impact and her passion for active citizenship. It’s fair to say that creativity, sustainability and community are the cornerstones of Bridget’s values.

Puck Algera

Puck is a social impact consultant, strategist and researcher who helps organisations develop a solid impact model and strategy, as well as impact measurement frameworks to provide evidence of how they are tracking.

With over 15 years’ experience in business consulting and change management, her particular expertise and passion is helping organisations find their social impact niche, embedding it in their business and design a revenue model that leverages that. With further talents, Puck executes qualitative research into impact indicators and impact benchmarking.

She has worked in the impact business space for more than a decade. While working on her PhD, Puck travelled internationally to work with leading dual-purpose businesses - bringing back the best practices and most progressive impact strategies in the field.

David Rendall

David Rendall is a respected professional who has consistently delivered organisation’s goals and objectives in a timely and efficient manner. These achievements have been realised in a diverse range of geographical and cultural environments often under taxing conditions. David is known as a dedicated development project specialist focusing on the needs of the vulnerable people. Committed to getting results, je does not lose sight of the ultimate goal and mission. David has successful experience in multi-donor and multi-sector portfolios of development and post-conflict projects.


Habitat for Humanity

Gemelli assisted the National and Auckland offices in a joint project to devise and model new commercial strategies for assisted home ownership. This helps Habitat for Humanity deliver on their vision of "helping families into simple, decent homes giving them a hand up, not a hand out" in a financially sustainable manner. Learn more about Habitat for Humanity here.

Ohu Development

Gemelli provides ongoing support to Ohu as they "build community by building buildings". Gemelli's work with Ohu focuses on identifying projects that deliver social and economic outcomes and seeing them progressed in commercially viable and financially sustainable ways. More about Ohu can be found here.

Soul Capital

Gemelli assisted Soul Capital establish its internal and external reporting measures to demonstrate the impact they have in the impact investment space. Learn more about Soul Capital here.

The Canterbury Mayoral Forum

Gemelli provided data analysis services to a Food and Fibre economic impact project.

Howick Baptist Health

Gemelli led the development of a business plan for a development site owned by Howick Baptist Health. This project helped define "what success looks like", the development options for the site, financial feasibility assessments and advice on funding, ownership, management options as well as next-steps in the development process. Find out more about Howick Baptist Health here.

Environment Canterbury

Gemelli assisted Environment Canterbury in a financial review of their current fees and charges to provide assurance they were being implemented in line with policy.

Better Health Moorhouse

Gemelli assisted Better Health Moorhouse with the development of a business case for a proposed future expansion of their operation. This involved working with a wide range of stakeholders to define success and assessing the feasibility of a range of options against this definition.


Gemelli worked alongside the Home Developments to assist the Matua Foundation to assess a residential property development designed for the workers for the city of Tauranga. Gemelli’s work offered the Matua Foundation strategies to incorporate a blend of social housing, affordable house and market housing to ensure the development of the Bethlehem site to ensure it provided a social return in the forms of affordable homes, an intergenerational and blended community, green spaces and a safe environment. Learn more about this service here.

Habitat Progressive Home Ownership Design

Gemelli provided ongoing support to Habitat for Humanity to devise and model a new commercial strategy for assisted home ownership. Our development of a progressive home ownership scheme helps bring Habitat’s belief that affordable housing helps build strong and stable communities to life. Learn more about this service here.

Christchurch Housing Initiative

Gemelli has been working alongside Habitat for Humanity as they launch the Christchurch Housing Initiative. Bridging the gap between the amount of a deposit saved by the household and what is required by a mortgage lender, the Christchurch Housing Initiative is a shared-equity initiative aimed at helping 50 modest income families in Christchurch achieve their dream of home ownership over the next three years. Learn more about this service here.

Madras Square

Gemelli, as a member of the Otautahu Urban Guild is leading the delivery of a 150-220 sustainable homes in a community centric affordable housing development In central Christchurch. The development incorporates co-housing and co-operative design and ownership models. Learn more about this service here.

Anglican Care Impact Investment

Gemelli assisted the Anglican Care Trust Board (Christchurch) with the development of a business case for the future uses and ownership/operation of their Churchill site following the Christchurch 2010/2011 earthquake. Learn more about this service here.



  • Nadeine Dommisse
    Gemelli assisted Environment Canterbury in a financial review of our current fees and charges to provide assurance they are being implemented in line with policy. The team at Gemelli were professional, efficient and great to work with. The work they produced met all of our expectations and I wouldn't hesitate to work with them again.
    Nadeine Dommisse
    Chief Operating Officer, Environment Canterbury
  • Jamie Newth
    Gemelli helped Soul Capital establish its internal and external reporting measures to help demonstrate the impact they have in the impact investment space.
    Jamie Newth
    Chief Executive Officer, Soul Capital
  • Alan Thorp
    We were very satisfied with James’s work.  He carefully listened to our requirements and clarified that he was correctly implementing them throughout the project.  He was always professional and we ended up with a great finished product.
    Alan Thorp
    Chief Operating Officer, Habitat for Humanity New Zealand