Commercial Strategy

We are passionate about helping businesses unlock greater value for money. Whether ‘value’ is monetary, social, economic or something else, we can work with your organisation to help you deliver greater impact through more effective outcomes, more efficient outputs or being more economical with your inputs.

We also know that risk is central to everything all organisations do. Gemelli can help develop risk management frameworks to assist you identify, assess and mitigate your risks to enable you to continue to operate with greater levels of assurance.

Project Finance Modelling

A good financial model is like a crystal-ball. It can help you see into the future, forecast different outcomes and assess the impact of changing inputs. We love a good financial model and love seeing them provide you with confidence in your investment and operational decisions.

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Business Case development 

A good business case can help take decision makers on a sensible journey; identifying the problem/opportunity and defining “what success looks like”, outlining the options and assessing the impact of each, determining the commerciality of options (through a good project finance model), and outlining how you could both fund and manage your preferred option. We specialise in immersing ourselves in your challenges/opportunities and presenting the business case in a way that clearly articulates your options and the costs/benefits of all.

Impact Assessment

While we love crunching the numbers, we know that there is more to what you do than just profit. We are passionate about measuring your social-dividend through Social Return on Investment (SROI) assessment, and your economic-dividend through Economic Impact Analysis (EIA).